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Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Albany

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage

Give Your Body a Complete Reset with Ashiatsu Massage!

Ashiatsu or Barefoot Massage is one of the most popular and unique modalities that I practice. Many TV shows and movies showcase this unique modality due to the impressive look and balance of the therapist. Using primarily foot pressure, the therapist will utilize bars overhead to balance and shift weight on specific areas of the body. The majority of the session is accomplished using the therapist’s feet, as opposed to the hands. Barefoot Massage is so popular due to the level of pressure that can be provided when the entire weight of the therapist can be used.


Ashiatsu massage allows for the most pressure possible, perfect for those who need a complete and total body reset. This will be a calming and relaxing experience for you that will help you to cope with your busy life. Ashiatsu massage is an advanced modality and typically will not be done on someone who has never had a massage before. The client should first understand their needs and pressure preferences. Barefoot Ashiatsu Massage is perfect for clients who never feel like they can get enough pressure from a traditional massage, and want to reach their deepest level of healing.

ashiatsu barefoot massage

Experience the Deepest Healing with Meg

I am trained and qualified in the art of Ashiatsu Massage, certified as a Master in Ashiatsu, and I have years of experience working with clients to deliver a highly therapeutic and relaxing massage experience. You can trust my hands (and in this case- feet) as they will help you reach an optimal level of healing. I believe massage is not just relieving pain, but also the method for the deepest healing and resetting of your body. I work with each of my clients to create a plan that not only meets their immediate requirements but also helps to prevent future problems. I am committed to helping my clients in achieving good health and well-being, whether through frequent barefoot massage, posture and movement teaching, or self-care approaches. My clients get a personalized experience with me that leaves them not only relaxed but also more aware of their bodies and how to care for them. To experience relaxation and healing through Ashiatsu Massage, schedule an appointment now!




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