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My passion for Massage began 6 years ago after I had my son.I realized that both him and I had so many physical and muscular related issues that could not simply be solved by a magic pill or a simple stretch. While going through the mental and physical trials and tribulations of motherhood, I found myself in need of both emotional and mental stress relief, along with physical help for both my own (seemingly foreign) body, and my sons muscular issues. Once I realized where my passion was, my interest grew and it was time to make a career out of it!

I graduated from Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy in October 2019. From there I passed my National mBlex licensing exam within a few weeks, and my NYS licensing exam a month after that. When I passed both exams with flying colors, I dove directly into my career, aside from a short hiatus due to the worlds pandemic. Since December of 2020, I have worked both privately and along side my amazing team at Breathe Massage in Delmar, NY, where I continue to practice to this day. 

Upon practicing, though, I found many clients required some skills that I had yet to learn. I always heard things like “I can never get enough pressure!” And “I go to places all over but I never seem to get the results I want.” This is when I dove into multiple specialty modalities to accommodate to all pressure preferences, body types, stress levels and relaxation needs. With my wide array of services and dedication to a top quality experience, I hope to treat you with the best massage you have ever had! 

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Licensed & Professional Massage Therapist in Albany, NY

My Story

Megan Teeluck is a 2019 graduate of Center For Natural Wellness in Colonie, New York. After graduation, Megan went on to get both her New York State license and her National license, which makes her recognized as a Nationally Licensed Massage Therapist. Following her licensing achievement, she dove into multiple specialty modalities, most notably Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Massage or Barefoot massage, allowing for the lightest or deepest possible sessions for her clients. She also continued focus areas in Prenatal Massage, Cupping therapy, Deep Tissue, and Lymphatic drainage for post operation and lymphedema. Being able to provide a very wide range of services is what she’s most proud of! Her youngest client is 3 years old and her oldest client is 98 years old, which shows a true ability to accommodate to a wide range of pathologies, injuries, depth levels, and most importantly, relaxation. Megan is deeply dedicated and invites you to book an amazing massage experience with her!




NYS Licensed Massage Therapist 

National Licensed Massage Therapist through mBLEX

Master Ashiatsu Certification through Barefoot Masters

Deep Tissue Master Certification through AMTA



Empower & Heal

My mission is to disrupt the world of medicine, one patient at a time. Through a variety of alternative treatments and approaches, I unlock the potential of self-healing in each patient, sometimes resulting in improvements from the very first session. Trust my hands, trust your ability to heal and allow yourself to feel better than you ever imagined possible. Contact me for more information.

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