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Massage Therapy Services & Treatments in Albany, NY

Please use the drop down menu for a quick list of popular services and pricing. You can also always find updated and full lists of services, including coming soon or new service options, as well as booking, any time, 24/7, online on our vagaro booking site. Please click my name, Megan Teeluck LMT, for my specific services and current openings on vagaro. Our vagaro link can always be found on the “book now” tab above. 

Massage By Meg is apart of an award winning team, voted BEST Massage Services in the Capital Region by the highly loved and trusted magazine, Capital Region Living.  

At Massage by Meg, I am dedicated to offering a deeply relaxing experience to my clients. As an experienced professional, I use the best massage techniques to provide my clients with the best massage services. 

What Makes Me Different than others in the area?

As you pick Massage by Meg, you are guaranteed to get exceptional, award winning massage therapy services. I offer a wide range of massage therapy treatments to make sure that your particular needs are met. From the lightest pressure of a medical or lymphatic session, to the deepest level of healing with cupping and/or Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage, there is truly something for everyone.


You can pick Massage by Meg for my distinguished massage services. Some of the great reasons why you must choose my massage therapy services are:


   - Personalized massage therapy treatments. There is always something for everyone! 

   - Very professional and calming atmosphere. Located in the heart of the beloved town of Delmar, NY, we deliver the best quality services in a quiet yet convenient location.

   - 100% customized treatments- don’t want your feet worked on? Only need the time in your upper body? The choice is totally yours. I only work on areas agreed upon before we start, sometimes that’s fully body, sometimes that’s just specific areas. 

   - Client satisfaction. With hundreds of reviews across all social media platforms, vagaro and google, you know you will always leave with a smile on your face. 


My aim is to ensure that my clients get the best benefits from my massage therapy services. Therefore, I offer personalized massage therapies for everyone’s unique needs.

What Do I Offer?

As a licensed massage therapist in Albany, NY, I am well-trained and experienced in various techniques and massage therapy treatments to ensure that I am able to cater to a wider range of audience. If you are concerned about getting optimal relaxation and stress relief through a professional massage service, then you must pick my service. The variety of massage services available at Massage by Meg are:


   - Ashiatsu massage

   - Prenatal massage

   - Deep Tissue massage

   - Swedish massage

   - Cupping massage

…..And more! Full lists of services are always up on the vagaro booking page.


For an enhanced experience at Massage by Meg, I also offer add-on services. This includes:


   - Hot stone

   - Aromatherapy

   - Reflexology

   - Salt foot glow

   - CBD 

(full lists of add ons are also always updated on vagaro.)


You can choose from the different massage services on the basis of your requirements for effective results. Moreover, you can also pick some add-on services for personalized massage therapy treatments. 


Add On Services

Hot Stone

Salt Foot Glow-




Ashiatsu is a Japanese massage technique, providing deep, gliding strokes over the entire body using foot pressure. Your therapist will use floor or overhead bars to strategically balance and provide deep, all over relaxing strokes. With the combination of weight, gravity, centripetal and centrifugal movements, your therapist will be able to apply the deepest level of healing to even the tightest, most stressed muscles of your body. Any chronically tight muscle will feel like never before! 


60 Minutes: $110

90 Minutes: $155

120 Minutes: $220


A prenatal massage is done during the birthing person’s pregnancy. This is both relaxing and incredibly therapeutic for mom and baby, safe for any stage of pregnancy, and allows for an incredible amount of relief for parent and baby. The therapist will carefully avoid any and all contraindicated points, while focusing on tight, overworked, and sore muscles. 


60 Minutes/1st Trimester:$100

60 Minutes/2nd-3rd Trimester:$110

Deep Tissue

Firm to Deep pressure massage using both gliding and pinpointed strokes across the body. This massage targets deep down knots and very sore muscles to deliver powerful healing to muscles and joints. Perfect for those that have specific problem areas that need

extra attention.


60 Minutes: $110

90 Minutes: $155

120 Minutes: $220


Light to medium pressure massage to promote total body relaxation. Focus on long, gliding strokes to relax and improve blood flow and toxin removal.This is perfect for any client that enjoys light pressure and all over focus on the body. This session will provide deep relaxation, calmness, energy balancing, and overall complete homeostasis. 



60 Minutes: $100

90 Minutes: $145

120 Minutes: $195


Firm to Deep pressure massage using fire cupping to deliver deep levels of healing. Cups are placed in various problem areas including joints, deep down knots and adhesions to promote separation between muscle fibers and tissues. This deep down separation of tissues allows for the most blood flow, toxin removal and increased range of motion.


60 Minutes: $115

90 Minutes: $165

120 Minutes: $225

Top Reasons to Pick Me!

Are you looking for a massage service provider that can best meet your needs at a reasonable cost? Look no further than Massage by Meg. 


   - Highly trained and licensed therapist

   - Years of experience

   - Wide range of massage services

   - Premium quality oils and lotions

   - Excellent customer service


As you visit Massage by Meg, I thoroughly understand your primary requirement and streamline my massage therapy service toward meeting them. Client satisfaction is my first priority. 

Contact Now !

Pick Massage by Meg for peaceful massage therapy with a licensed and trusted professional. I ensure top-notch service and a safe experience for all my clients. Contact me today and book your appointment. 

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