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Massage Therapy FAQ's 



◦ Should/will my massage hurt?
A massage should never be painful. There may be certain areas of tension in the body that could get uncomfortable. Knots and adhesions are what make our muscles and joints tight and stuck, and getting them loose sometimes requires some deep work and stretching that may feel like you’ve reached your limit. If you feel any pain that seems like it’s too far or not what you’re looking for in your session- PLEASE COMMUNICATE! Don’t just sit in pain and let me go at it- it’s better that we stop rather than cause any injury.

◦ What type of session should I choose?
This depends on your goal for the session. Just looking to relax and get an hour or two away from the hustle and bustle of life? A calm, relaxing Swedish massage might be best! Swedish is typically light to medium pressure, long gliding strokes, and very calming. Looking for relaxation, but also deep down work, kneading out adhesions and knots? A Deep Tissue session will be a better choice for you! Looking for the deepest possible pressure, or haven’t gotten anyone to be able to go “deep enough?” An Ashiatsu is an amazing choice! By leveraging my entire body weight, I am able to give an incredible, deep total body reset. I also offer many other types of sessions that can be found on my site.

◦ Do I have to get undressed/naked?
One of the most important things I say before you’re on the table is “dress down to your level of comfort, whatever that means for you.” This means something different for everyone. I can preform the best work when you’re fully undressed, but I do understand everyone has their own traumas and comfort levels. I have done massages fully clothed, and fully undressed, and every single step in between. Prefer to leave your underwear on? No problem! It’s truly up to you. Remember- all genitalia and breasts will be covered regardless of your gender/gender identity. It is illegal in NYS to expose genitalia or nipples, so complete exposure will never be an issues regardless of what you decide to wear or not wear!

◦ How often should I visit a massage therapist?
This answer is different for everyone. If we’re working on an injury or scar tissue, especially post operative massage or lymphatic massage after surgery, I may suggest more frequency while we work on that goal. For the average person striving for consistent pain management, and continued progress, I suggest you come in every 4 weeks or about once a month for a tune up. 

◦ Should I tip? How much should I tip?
Tipping of course is never required, but is very much appreciated. Tipping shows your therapist your gratitude for the service, and typically should reflect how you felt the service went. A typical client will tip 20%-30% for an exceptional service. 

◦ What payment method do you prefer?
Credit Card processing fees are very high! Whenever possible, please pay in Cash, Venmo, Apple Pay, Paypal, Cash App, Facebook Pay, Google Pay or Zelle. Doing this keeps prices lower and helps us save a bunch on fees!

◦ Are you a licensed provider?
Yes! I have completed a 1000 hour Massage Therapy Degree. I am NYS licensed and Nationally licensed through the Mblex. I have additionally completed over 200 hours of continuing education. I am registered with the American Massage Therapy Association. 

◦ Do you accept insurance?
The short answer is no, not directly. I do however work with clients that have health insurance that covers Massage Therapy, in the form of insurance reimbursements. You would be paying up front of your service, and I would in turn give you a receipt and a medical reimbursement form for you to give to your insurance, stating my license number, the reason for your visit, what we accomplished in session and total session cost. I bill for medical related sessions at $125 an hour. 

◦ Can I bring my service/emotional support animal?
Absolutely! I have worked with clients that bring their dogs, cats and even ferrets! If your experience will be better with your companion, please bring your furry friend (or maybe not so furry friend!) I’m a huge animal lover and would love to meet the ones that help you get through your day. 

◦ How old is too old, or too young for massage?
I have massaged babies that were just days old, and I have massaged the elderly reaching the end of their lives. I have helped the youngest and oldest of people get through their pain and help them heal. The biggest blessing is being able to work with everyone, regardless of age, race, sex, gender identity or religion, and much more. I just ask that anyone under the age of 18 have a parent or guardians written consent on file before receiving work. I work with an feel comfortable with working on almost anyone. 

◦ Should I get massage if I go to a Chiropractor?
It is so important that your visit a massage therapist before or after your Chiropractic sessions. Muscles and joints work together in the body, if your joints are adjusted but your muscles are still tight, the joints will slip right back into old patterns, causing your pain to continue. If you visit a massage therapist and loosen your muscles, joints will more easily adjust into better alignment and stay in alignment for a longer period of time, making your body work better and feel better.

◦ Should I talk during my massage? What if I fall asleep?
Both of these scenarios are normal. I have hundreds of clients that sleep away their entire session and even more that talk the entire time. Sometimes we need silence, sometimes we need talk therapy. Just let me know before we begin so I make the session tailored to your own wants and needs. 

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