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Cupping Therapy Albany NY

Cupping Therapy

What Is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping Massage Therapy is an ancient and unique modality that includes both traditional massage therapy and the use of cups. Cups are glass, silicone, plastic, or bamboo rounded objects that are applied to the skin. They are applied while a suctioning method is used. The suction occurs by using fire with glass or bamboo cups, pinching and stretching with silicone cups, or the use of a small manual or electric pump with plastic cups. When the skin is suctioned into the cups, the layers of underlying tissue are slowly released from one another. These layers include muscle layers, fascial layers, lymphatic pathways, and blood pathways. This allows for incredibly tight, knotted areas to release from underlying tissues and nourish the muscles and joints with increased blood flow and release of lymph buildup and toxins. The areas are then massaged to release any additional tight areas and tissues and push out any static lymphatic fluid.

It is important to know that the area will be bruised to varying degrees after a cup is placed and released. This bruising will not be painful long term as no tissues are being damaged below the skin. This is still important to know as the cupping marks can last anywhere from 1-10 days and will heal similarly to a regular bruise. Please be aware when booking cupping therapy and let others know around you, such as loved ones, coworkers, and medical professionals, that the marks are simply a part of the cupping release. This modality is great for anyone that enjoys deep tissue, has stubborn knots and adhesions, and enjoys ancient and unique modalities. This is not a suitable modality for anyone with severe blood or bruising issues.   

Cupping Therapy
Benefits of Cupping Therapy You Can’t Say No To!

Your pain will reduce - Cupping massage therapy helps in reducing the pain that you feel due to tight knots.  As the knots are released the pain decreases.

Your blood circulation gets better - The suction that is created by the cups helps in the flow of blood which then heals any inflammation in the area.

You feel relaxed - As the pain and tension in the muscle decrease you feel much more relaxed.


Your digestion improves - Cupping therapy can stimulate your digestive system and improve bowel movement which can solve a few of the health issues you might be facing.

Your cellulite reduces - One of the great benefits of cupping therapy is that it improves the appearance of your skin by reducing the cellulite that causes dimpling.

Your respiratory conditions will improve - Cupping massage therapy can also help you in improving your respiratory conditions like asthma and bronchitis. This can improve your quality of life to a great extent.




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Get More with Add Ons

You can have more! You can add the following services as well to your cupping therapy!



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