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What is Barefoot Massage or Ashiatsu?

Updated: May 5, 2023

One of the most popular modalities I practice is Ashiatsu or Barefoot Massage Therapy. Simply put, instead of using my hands to massage you, I use primarily my feet. In this blog post, we will discuss why it’s different and why it’s important to try a barefoot massage.

Aside from the obvious difference which is the use of feet over hands, Ashiatsu allows for essentially unlimited amount of massage pressure. Deep pressure is about 99% of my clientele base- most people have very tough knots, high levels of tension, and need a deeper reset for their body. Relaxation massages just don’t cut it for some, and even deep tissue isn’t enough pressure for others. The other key point is broader pressure. By using my feet, I’m able to cover a larger surface area for an extended period of time with the most pressure. While pinpointed pressure with elbows and thumbs can become uncomfortable and painful during session, most can experience the same if not deeper level of healing using the heels of the feet, allowing for the greatest level of depth with the least amount of overall discomfort.

You should try a barefoot massage for many reasons. The number one reason being, you never get enough pressure with a traditional massage. You need that extra level of pressure and healing. Ashiatsu is a beautiful art that has been practiced for thousands of years, and embracing new techniques is unique and enjoyable. By visiting a professional massage therapist, you’re opening your body to a great level of intense and complete homeostasis.

Megan Teeluck, LMT of Massage By Meg/ Breathe Massage Delmar is specifically trained and certified in Barefoot/Ashiatsu massage. Megan practices in Albany, NY. To find a massage near you, or to book a massage near you, please click the booking tab above to schedule a session!

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