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Can Massage Therapy Treat Muscle Tightness?

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Describing muscle stiffness or tightness can be challenging as it can feel different for each individual. It is characterized by muscle rigidity, which is the inability to relax muscles to their normal state. It may cause sharp pain, cramps, or difficulty in movement.

Majorly, the effect is on the skeletal muscles. These muscles help you move and carry out your daily activities. When you move your body parts, the brain sends a nerve signal to the muscles. Because of this signal, the muscles contract and relax. In some cases, the muscles can remain contracted either partially or fully for a certain period.

Causes of muscle tightness

Stress is a major contributor to muscle tension. It affects the physical and mental health of the person and leads to physical pain and tension. Sometimes, it shows severe symptoms as well. It's said that stress negatively affects the functioning of the nervous system. As a result, the muscles get affected.

Other causes are:

Delayed-onset muscle soreness- Delayed-onset muscle soreness or DOMS happens after an intense workout. The symptoms take around 48-72 hours to appear, which include pain, tenderness, and decrease joint mobility. This problem is typically experienced by athletes.

Dehydration- Not drinking enough water in a day leads to pain and tightness in the joints and muscles. Muscles and kidneys are mostly made of water, so staying hydrated can help prevent tightness in muscles and tendons and can also lubricate the joints.

Prolonged inactivity- Sedentary lifestyle due to prolonged sitting at the desk while working from home can cause muscle tightness and restrict movement over time. Lack of exercise and movement can exacerbate the issue, making it more difficult to move.

Poor Posture- Whether you are sitting, standing, or lying down, posture matters. Even if maintaining the posture is difficult, you should do it. If the posture is not right, you would experience musculoskeletal imbalance, causing muscle and joint pain.

Muscle strain- Straining a body part can lead to injury of the soft tissue and affect the function of muscles and tendons.

Massage therapy for treating muscle tightness

Massage therapy is an effective treatment for muscle tightness, where a massage therapist uses various techniques. It relaxes the tight muscles as well as increases the blood flow in the areas that are affected, reducing pain and inflammation. Other than this, massage therapy breaks up the adhesions or scar tissue that causes muscle stiffness.

Massage therapy is effective but its effectiveness increases with regular stretching. Stretching is an effective method to alleviate muscle tightness by promoting flexibility and mobility. Not only stretching loosens the muscles, but reduces the pain in different body parts. Stretching can be performed on various muscle groups, and proper execution can bring significant relief.

Massage therapy will treat your tight muscles. But before you go for the therapy, know the right reason for muscle tightness. This will help the massage therapist to give better service.

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Can Massage Therapy Treat Muscle Tightness?

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