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Being a Massage Therapist in Albany, NY.

Updated: May 5, 2023

Often times, people ask me, “did you go to school for this?” That one always gets me because, well, if you went to Massage School in NY, you completed an incredible task. New York has the highest requirement for hours in the country. While there are other states that require no (seriously 0) training, 400-500 hours, NYS requires 1000 learning hours of Massage Therapy to be New York State Licensed. Not only that, NY is one of two states that does not accept a National Licensure to practice. While you can go to Florida or California and come ready with your National License in hand, New York will make sure you are going by their rules! One of those rules, of course, is passing the New York State Massage Therapy Exam.

I am both Nationally and New York State licensed, meaning I took an exam to be licensed to practice here in the capital region, and I became licensed to practice all over the country. Now I know by this point you are wondering- what does this have to do with me? Just give me a massage and call it a day Meg!

Seeing a Nationally Licensed Massage Therapist means your therapist is truly in the profession for the long haul. It takes a massive amount of time, money and dedication to get out of school after all those hours and take not one but two incredibly difficult exams. Doing both shows the level of passion your therapist has and you know you are in hands of true dedication.

I have been practicing in Delmar located in Albanys Capital Region for 3 years now and I can honestly say it’s one of the best places in the world. The area is safe, the community is strong and friendly, and the small local businesses will do everything in their power to stick together. The sense of community in unmatched and the accomplishments made in both my own profession and other local professions in absolutely amazing.

Megan Teeluck is a National and New York State Licensed Massage therapist. Megan practices in Albany, New York in a small town called Delmar, New York. Knowing your therapist is the best way to know if they’re right for you, and Meg is beyond happy to share her story with everyone!


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